The Innovate Carolina conference is seeking speakers to present on the topic of innovation and digital transformation – how these two important strategic initiatives will either work together to help companies achieve more or how they may end up in conflict.  Does digital transformation make innovation easier?  Does a deep focus on digital transformation make innovation more difficult? We are seeking speakers with interesting points of view or perspectives on innovation and its relationship to the emerging concepts of digital transformation.

About the conference

Innovate Carolina is a one-day innovation conference managed by the Carolinas Chapter of the PDMA.  This is the 10th anniversary of the conference, which will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 5, 2019.  The conference highlights innovation leaders, practitioners, consultants and academics in the Southeast, and is meant to provide a deep look into one key topic facing innovators and new product developers in their jobs currently.  On average the conference attracts approximately 150 attendees.  These attendees usually represent a wide range of industries from financial services to manufacturing to high technology. The individuals are typically mid to senior level managers or executives in innovation, marketing, product development and research and development roles.


We will accept speaking submissions from any corporate practitioner, consultant, software vendor or other company that has a point of view or compelling vision about the key topic outlined above.  Potential speakers are encouraged to submit:

·        a brief statement about their chosen topic,

·        their previous speaking experience,

·        why their topic will be of immediate interest to our attendees – what they will learn

·        The type of talk – case study, technology overview or discussion, etc

You can send your submission to Jeffrey Phillips, Innovate Carolina conference chair, at  Please include your name, your company name, your email address, your LinkedIn profile if you have one and any supporting material about your proposed talk.

Preference is given to speakers who are experienced innovation practitioners in private sector companies, then to consultants or software companies.  We do ask that consultants or software provide monetary support or sponsorship for the event to keep the cost of attendance low.  The quality of the content, previous speaking experience and alignment to the theme will decide which speakers are selected.  The Carolinas Chapter of the PDMA will also actively recruit speakers for this event.

We accept and recruit speakers on a rolling basis and will be accepting submissions through January 15, 2019. 


Innovate Carolina is an in-depth, one day innovation conference drawing innovation practitioners, new product developers, product managers, and individuals from functions such as R&D to learn new ideas, tools, techniques and case studies having to do with the chosen theme.  Speakers are encouraged to propose a range of different interaction types, including:

·        A traditional talk from a podium

·        A discussion panel

·        A workshop – note that we typically have 50-60 person breakouts

·        Other interactions that will fit within the constraints of the day and the venue

We typically have one or two keynote talks which that everyone attends, and then have two or three breakout tracks, depending on the breadth and quality of the speakers.  Keynote talks must be more strategic and address multiple challenges and industries, while track topics can be a bit more defined and narrower.  Keynotes typically run 55 minutes while track talks typically run 45 minutes.

Speakers are encouraged to share their presentations with attendees.

For more information

Also, you are welcome to contact Jeffrey Phillips ( with questions about the 2019 event and potential speaking topics.