Foundations IV

As we progress from identifying how we want to add value to our customers/consumers/world into the realm of commercialization we are starting to examine the foundations of execution – turning great ideas and fantastic value propositions into a real product or service.

In Foundations IV, we’ll examine another critical organizational skill, nearly always assumed to be known by the professionals doing the work, but rarely actually taught.  Whether you call the requirements, stories, etc., there are elements to requirements writing that everyone needs to understand in order to do them well…repeatedly and over time.  Bad requirements lead to wasted time, rework, testing issues, higher costs, and host of other things.  We’ll also examine timing, writing the right thing at the right time, explore definitions of requirements and maybe even challenge some of the tenets built into the most popular ideologies of today surrounding requirements and design. 

We look forward to moving to the 4th phase of Foundations and on towards turning ideas into reality. 




  • 6:00 PM Registration Opens, networking, light food/refreshment
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Foundations 1

The Foundations series is designed to reinforce a common framework for innovation across the Carolina's and region. The series helps answer the question as to how and where innovation starts and how you and your company can provide greater value to the customers and communities in which you live, work and serve. 

Purposeful Innovation is designed to help you understand and eliminate the divide between you as a human being and you as a professional person.  Purpose Identification allows you to remove the bias of thinking FOR the customer and move you to thinking WITH and OF the people who depend on you for value.  Most of all, Innovation Purpose will help you to understand the potential that your own emotions, passions and frustrations that drive you on a daily basis can change the way your work and the value your organization can provide.  Come and learn how you can begin to re-frame your perspective, your industry and change your value proposition in a way that drives both innovation and competitive advantage.


Doug Powell & Members of Innovate Carolina Board




  • 6:00 p.m. Registration opens, networking and light food/refreshment
  • 7:00 p.m. Program begins
  • 8:30 p.m. Program ends


  • $25 non-PDMA members
  • $15 PDMA members/students

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