Join Innovate Carolina Board and Regional Members in the first of a year-long series on the Foundations of Innovation! 

The Foundations series is the first in a broader effort to help define a common framework for innovation across our area, how and where it starts and how you and your company can provide greater value to the customers and communities in which you live, work and serve.

Foundations of Innovation Series:

  1. Innovation Purpose and Consumer insights
  2. Idea/Portfolio Management
  3. Requirements writing
  4. Principles of Design
  5. Speed to Market
  6. Product/Service Commercialization

The first installment of the series, Innovation Purpose and Consumer Insight, is designed to provide companies big and small with an understanding of how to break out of the commodity product and service cycles in which they operate and see how to identify the real needs of those depending on you for services that not only add convenience, but improve their lives.  The two hour session will give you a start in your personal purpose, divining that which drives you to excel in both your personal and professional lives.  We’ll also overlay your purpose into a new and different view of both the industry in which you work and how that bias, once broken, provides a new lens against which to judge the value you can provide.

Location: The event will be in Cary on the campus of Railinc at 7001 Weston Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513. It will be held in the training room on the third floor.  Enter through the main lobby and take the elevator to the third floor. Signs will be posted.

Cost: $25 for non-members; $15 for PDMA members and students


Click here to register. 

Event sponsor: Railinc