The Foundations of Innovation are a series of sessions devoted to providing a primary approach to innovation. The multi-part series includes sessions devoted to:

  1. Innovation Purpose

  2. Consumer insights

  3. Idea/Portfolio Management

  4. Requirements Writing

  5. Speed to Market

  6. Customer Experience

  7. Principals of Design

  8. Product/Service Commercialization

Foundations of Innovation 7: Join us for the 7th session in a series of eight on the Foundations of Innovation. During this session, we’ll explore the fundamentals of taking the “what” of a project and turning it into something that looks, feels and behaves in a way that delights the customer.

Join Doug Powell and PDMA Carolinas as we explore this important topic.

Note that while maximum benefit is obtained by attending all the Foundations courses, each course is stand-alone and does not require attendance at previous courses in the series.



  • 6:00 PM Registration Opens, networking, light food/refreshment

  • 6:30 PM Program Begins

  • 8:30 PM Program Ends

Registration and Cost: 

Sponsor: Duke Energy